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WannaCry Malware Protection
by Jason Ryals, Chief Technology Officer at Speros

Recently making global headlines, a new variant of ransomware referred to as WannaCry has been put part of a large-scale cyber attack that has infected over 200,000 computer systems and over a 150 countries. Ransomware acts by infecting a computer through opening a malicious email or website which then encrypts your data to the user, in exchange for a payment to unlock (Decrypt) these files usually in the form of digital currency called Bitcoins. Infection can also spread to other network connected resources and perform the same operation locking an entire business from accessing their own data.

At Speros we have multiple layers of defense from NOT being apart of this exploit.

1. SonicWALL firewalls are installed and up to date with latest Security definitions and at the Speros Data Center , scans all traffic incoming and outgoing blocking anything suspicious. This also performs website filtering that will help restrict access to sites known to host malware.

2. Barracuda Networks, our anti-spam email filtering solution, inspects all email messages, unusual content,infected attachments, malicious links etc. and quarantines those messages.

3. Speros Managed Services applies Windows Updates which are tested, approved and applied to each managed workstation and Managed servers.

4. Trend Micro Antivirus is installed on each workstation and server. In the event that a rogue piece of software does happen to come through the above layers of security, the antivirus software will quarantine the suspected files and alert Speros HelpDesk.

In addition to the above security measures , Speros recommends backing up your data, your servers end or workstations , to ensure critical files are safe. While backups are not a level of prevention they are a layer of protection against loss whether from accidental or malicious intent.

Jason Ryals, CTO of Speros, Inc.

Jason Ryals, CTO of Speros

Jason Ryals is the Chief Technology Officer at Speros. Ryals’ certifications include VMware Data Center, ADTRAN Technical Support Professional, SonicWALL CSSA&CSSP, Microsoft Certified Enterprise Administrator, Linux & A-plus, Cisco, and IBM AIX Unix based server systems. He has in-depth knowledge on troubleshooting Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks, routing, VMware and complex software designed data centers, and SD-WAN solutions. For more information, visit, call 912-354-8900 or email

Deterring Tooth Decay: The Facts Behind Cavities and Sugar

Deterring Tooth Decay: The Facts Behind Cavities and Sugar
By Angela Canfield DDS

Angela Canfield, DDS

Angela Canfield, DDS

Tooth decay is actually one of the most common non-infectious diseases in the world. Many parents know at sugar intake is linked to cavities, but most don’t understand the science behind it.

Looking at public health records, researchers from University College London and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine found that, in America, tooth decay from sugar was far too high. About 60 to 90% of school-age children and 92% of adults in the U.S. have experienced tooth decay.

Now, as shocking as this may seem, sugar does not directly break down tooth enamel. Sugars found in candy and sweets are known as ‘simple sugars’, which are immediately consumed by the body. So how is it that sugar is the reputation for causing cavities?

Unfortunately, when you enjoy a sugary treat, there is a special kind of bacteria that responds, called streptococcus mutans. This bacteria actively breaks down the sugar, converting it to acid. The acid, in turn, can eat away the enamel on teeth.

Now more than ever, kids are faced with a bewildering array of food choices that include over-processed and sugar-laden convenience meals and snack foods, and many are consuming foods and drinks high in sugar and starches more often and in larger portions than ever before. For example, the average teenage boy in the U.S. consumes 81 gallons of soft drinks each year.

Snacking throughout the day can really speed up the tooth decaying process. When sugar is consumed over and over again in large, often hidden amounts, the harmful effect on teeth can be dramatic. It’s important to be very mindful with your snacking, and always check the nutritional value of the item.

When and what children eat may affect not only their general health but also their dental health.

So, how do you stop these acids? Well, the combined forces of brushing and flossing are still the best methods for removing harmful bacteria and acid over your teeth. It’s important to start educating your child as early as possible on how to prevent early childhood tooth decay and to discuss proper brushing and flossing techniques.

To access free online resources that can help with teaching children about good oral health, visit

Angela Canfield, DDS, is licensed by the Georgia Board of Dentistry and the National Board of Dentists. She owns and practices at two dental offices: Premier Dental Designs in Rincon, Ga., and Sandfly Family Dental in Savannah, Ga. Contact Dr. Canfield at or 912-826-4037.

Felder & Associates Receives Two 2017 Preservation Awards from Historic Savannah Foundation

Felder & Associates Receives Two 2017 Preservation Awards from Historic Savannah Foundation
Savannah Architecture Firm Honored for Work on Atlantic and Vic’s on the River

(SAVANNAH, GA) Felder & Associates, a Savannah architecture firm, has received two Historic Savannah Foundation 2017 Preservation Awards for their rehabilitation projects for two of the city’s best-known upscale restaurants, the Atlantic and Vic’s on the River.

Both projects were recognized for their preservation of history.

Atlantic, 102 E. Victory Drive, opened initially in 1930 as the Atlantic Refining Company Service Station for car washing and servicing.

Vic’s on the River, 12-42 E. Bay St., which opened as Stoddard’s Range, was designed and built in 1859 by John Norris under the supervision of John Stoddard.

The Atlantic Refining Company Service Station on the corner of Victory Drive and Drayton Street was renovated into professional offices in 1965 when the structure lost some of its original architecture.

Thirty years later, the space gained a new owner and underwent remodeling until 2015 when the current owner and general manager, Jason Restivo, bought the property. Brian Felder from Felder & Associates and Restivo worked together to revitalize the original structure.To comply with site restrictions and zoning regulations, a low concrete wall with benches and planters was built to create a gathering space for guests to socialize around a central fire pit. Outdoor seating also is nestled under a large oak tree with intimate custom lighting.

The primary interior area occupies the former portico and seats about 40 guests. Exposed brick and rafters, concrete flooring, and fresh new colors create a dual ambiance of traditional and modern.

The Atlantic Before Felder & Associates Rehabilitation

The Atlantic Before Photo

The Atlantic After Felder & Associates Rehabilitation

The Atlantic After Photo: Historic Savannah Foundation Award Winning Design by Felder & Associates

Felder & Associates Wins Historic Savannah Foundation Preservation Award for Atlantic

Pictured: Front left to right: (wheelchair) Sam George; Ida George is behind him; Matt Frankel next to Ida Back row left to right: Gretchen Callejas, Jennifer Restivo, Jason Restivo, Brian Felder, Billy McIntosh, Jimmy Smith

The space at Vic’s on the River has been home to a variety of businesses since it was built in 1859. Vic’s eventually came to occupy two of the bays on the third, fourth and fifth levels of the building and now fills three more stories of an adjacent bay as well.

The ironwork balconies and railings replicate their historic precedents. The openness of the bay was preserved through dividing walls. All historic lath and plaster, as well as wrought iron surrounds, were saved and restored. The owner also rebuilt fireplaces to match the original designs.

For more information on these projects or to contact Felder & Associates, call (912) 777-3979, or visit

Vic's on the River Before Felder & Associates Rehabilitation

Vic’s on the River Before Photo

Vic's on the River After Felder & Associates Rehabilitation

Vic’s on the River After Photo: Historic Savannah Foundation Award Winning Design by Felder & Associates

Felder & Associates Win Historic Savannah Foundation Preservation Award for Vic's on the River

Pictured: Left to right: Brian Felder, Ryan Claus, Jeff Wigger, Dr. Irving Victor, Bill Hall, Tim Thureson


Established in 2012, Felder & Associates specializes in historic preservation, commercial architecture, adaptive reuse architecture, corporate interior design, high-end residential design, green building, and neo-traditional building. The firm has a staff of LEED accredited architects and interior designers who focus on sustainability.

Locally, Felder & Associates is a member of the Savannah Chamber of Commerce and Historic Savannah Foundation. The firm is also nationally connected in the American Institutes of Architects and the United States Green Building Council.

In 2014, Felder & Associates received an historic preservation award from the Historic Savannah Foundation and the best architecture firm award from Savannah Magazine. In 2015, the firm was recognized with the AIA Georgia 2015 Design Award in Renovation.

Felder & Associates has completed several well-known projects in the Savannah area, including: The Grey on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd; The United Community Bank on Johnson Square; Atlantic at the corner of Drayton Street and Victory Drive; the Bouhan Falligant building on Park Avenue; and the Ghost Coast Distillery on Indian Street.

The firm is located at 2514 Abercorn St. Suite 110, Savannah, GA 31401. For more information or to contact Felder & Associates, call (912) 777-3979, or visit

Historic Savannah Foundation is a nonprofit historic preservation organization supported by a strong and dedicated membership. It was established in 1955 to save the 1820 Isaiah Davenport House from demolition. From this initial project, Historic Savannah Foundation launched a revolving fund that has saved 360-plus buildings. The mission of Historic Savannah Foundation is to preserve and protect Savannah’s heritage through advocacy, education and community involvement. For more information, visit or

For more information, contact:
Brian Felder

Media inquiries, contact:
Marjorie Young
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Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter Announces Board of Directors

Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter Announces Board of Directors
Savannah’s Youth Homeless Shelter Welcomes Returning and New Members

(SAVANNAH, GA) Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter is pleased to announce its 2017 Board of Directors and Executive Officers.

Todd Cellini was appointed to a two-year term as President for the non-profit organization in 2016 and will serve the remainder of that term this year. Cellini is President of South University, Savannah. Other members of the Executive Board include Jack Levine as Immediate Past President, Elizabeth Bratz as Vice President, Joyce M Roché as Secretary, and Jennifer Widincamp as Treasurer.

The Board is also pleased to welcome two new members, Susan Speros and Jennifer Barrett, along with returning member, Marolyn Overton, who had previously served as President of Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter. Speros is president and CEO of Speros, a full-service technology company headquartered in Savannah. She is known for being a forward thinking entrepreneur and has been actively building businesses most of her life. Barrett is Talent Strategy Manager for TMX Finance in Savannah. In this role she leads talent initiatives and combines a strategic focus with hands-on responsibility for executing mid-to large-scale projects through initiation, planning, execution and close.

Returning Board members also include Salita Hill, Alfred McGuire, Chris Nowicki, and Chris P. Sotus. DaShauna Kimble, Assistant Director of Operations will oversee the shelter until Monday, May 8, when the new Park Place Outreach Executive Director starts.

“I am honored to be able to continue the strong legacy built by the immediate past Board and all who proceeded us,” said Cellini. “As we continue to work closely with a caring and compassionate community, I will strive to ensure Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter increasingly makes a real difference for young people and families throughout the Savannah area.”

Park Place Outreach operates the only shelter in Savannah and Chatham County serving youth age 11 to 17 and all services are provided free, including a safe, secure place to stay along with meals and transportation to and from school. Since opening in 1984, the organization has helped over 6,200 area young people find shelter and thousands more find stability. For more information, visit

Alfred McGuire, Park Place Outreach, Savannah

Chris Nowicki, Park Place Outreach, Savannah

Chris Sotus, Park Place Outreach, Savannah

Jennifer Barrett, Park Place Outreach, Savannah

Marolyn Overton, Park Place Outreach, Savannah

Salita Hill, Park Place Outreach, Savannah

Susan Speros, Park Place Outreach, Savannah

Todd Cellini, Park Place Outreach, Savannah

Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter, located at 514 E. Henry St., provides support for troubled children and teens in Savannah and the surrounding area. Opened in 1984, the shelter, open 24 hours a day, offers youth, between the ages of 11 and 17, a safe and loving environment. Homeless, abused or runaway teenagers can self-admit themselves into this shelter. The Street Outreach Program team offers mentoring to resident adolescents and provides counseling, clothing and personal care items to teens and young adults up to age 21 that are in need and might not come into the shelter. Whenever possible, the organization’s goal is to keep kids off the street and reunify families. With the generous support of local organizations and individuals, Park Place Outreach has helped more than 6,200 area young people find emergency shelter and thousands more find stability through its non-residential programs. Park Place Outreach is an equal opportunity provider and employer. For more information, visit or join the group on Facebook (ParkPlace) and Twitter (@parkplaceyes).

Park Place Outreach
Youth Emergency Shelter
514 E. Henry Street
Savannah, GA. 31401
912-234-4048 Fax 912-651-3621

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Melanoma, Take a Hike! Skin Cancer Awareness Excursion with Low Country Dermatology

Melanoma, Take a Hike! Skin Cancer Awareness Excursion with Low Country Dermatology Held at Skidaway Island State Park Benefiting Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute

(SAVANNAH, GA) In recognition of Melanoma Awareness Month, Dr. Corinne Howington of Low Country Dermatology lead a skin cancer awareness excursion — “Melanoma, Take a Hike!” — at Skidaway Island State Park.

Howington and her staff led a short hike along the park’s scenic trails, sharing facts and prevention techniques for melanoma and taking questions. The hike was originally planned to span 3-miles, but was shortened due to inclement weather issues.

Melanoma Take a Hike Skin Cancer Expedition with Low Country Dermatology

Dr. Corinne Howington of Low Country Dermatology and her staff lead a three-mile hike for skin cancer awareness at Skidaway Island State Park, sharing facts and prevention techniques for melanoma. Pictured: Left to right front row: Sherri Spellman; Dr. Corinne Howington of Low Country Dermatology; Skylar Lanier; Sherry Williams; Cecilia Russo Turner; and Elizabeth Brennan; Low Country Dermatology Physician Assistant. Left to right back row: John Spellman; Elise Spellman; Kelli Hartley, Low Country Dermatology office manager; Roz Hager; Megan Haubein; Heather Haubein; Bobby Haubein and Josh Hodnett.

National Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Month, designated by the American Academy of Dermatology, is celebrated in May to raise awareness of the risk of skin cancer and increase the chances of early detection.

“For those of us who live along the southern coastline, staying out of the sun is often not practical or desirable,” Howington said. “It’s important for everyone to learn some simple but essential ways to protect their skin from the sun’s dangerous UV rays before they and their family head off to enjoy the great outdoors.”

Howington is a board-certified dermatologist with expertise in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. She and her staff gave participants SPF30 sunscreen, which has been shown to prevent the onset of some types of skin cancer.

Proceeds from the event are benefiting the Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute in Savannah. More information for Melanoma, Take a Hike! Skin Cancer Awareness Excursion with Low Country Dermatology can be found at

Low Country Dermatology specializes in the treatment of adult and pediatric diseases of the skin, hair and nails. Dr. Corinne Howington is a board certified dermatologist with expertise in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. Low Country Dermatology is located at 310 Eisenhower Dr. Suite 12A Savannah, GA 31406. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Cecilia Russo
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Bethesda Academy Held Annual Scholarship Gala to Celebrate Graduating Senior Class

Bethesda Academy Held Annual Scholarship Gala to Celebrate Graduating Senior Class

(SAVANNAH, GA) The Fourth Annual Scholarship Gala for Bethesda Academy was held atThe Plantation Club at The Landings. This event supported the Gateway Scholarship Fund and celebrated Bethesda Academy’s 22 seniors in the Class of 2017 the evening before they graduated.

The keynote speaker this year was President H. Michael Hughes, Ph.D., who addressed “The Future of Bethesda Academy.” Overall, 95 percent of Bethesda Academy students graduate on time, and 85 percent of Bethesda Academy students go on to college.

“In our 2016 graduating class of 20 seniors, 19 went on to college, and one entered the Marine Corps,” said Hughes. “This year, 22 Bethesda students are expected to graduate and at least two will be offered full college scholarships. We were very excited to celebrate their accomplishments and to express our goals for the upcoming year.”

This year’s Scholarship Gala was sponsored by Envirovac, South State Bank, THA Group, Seacrest Partners, enmarket, Visit Savannah, The Plantation Club, and The Kennickell Group.

For more information on the event, visit


Bethesda Academy 2017 Graduating Class


Bethesda Academy President H. Michael Hughes, Ph.D.

Founded in 1740, Bethesda Academy is the oldest child-care institution in the United States. Now it is a private boarding and day school for young men in grades six through twelve and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The 650-acre campus features a variety of athletic teams, a wildlife management and organic farming program and STEM curriculum. Through its “Lead The Way” initiative, students have access to exclusive integrated learning and leadership opportunities. For more information, visit or call 912.644.4376.

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Savannah ObGyn Launches New Website Created by Speros

Savannah ObGyn Launches New Website Created by Speros

(SAVANNAH, GA) Savannah ObGyn is pleased to announce the launch of its newly restructured website,

Designed by Speros, a full-service technology company headquartered in Savannah, the site includes resource tabs that provide patients with educational information such as real patient stories about minimally invasive robotic surgery performed with the da Vinci Surgical System; and educational videos and handouts from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Bright and welcoming in shades of teal and green, the website also offers downloadable forms for patients and information about participating insurance carrier networks, as well as a link to Savannah ObGyn’s Facebook page.

Built on a custom WordPress platform, the website allows the office to make updates to their site and additionally features tracking services via Google Analytics.

“The previous website was built on a fixed template that was limited and offered only three pages of basic information and no way for people to send inquiries through the website,” explained Lauren Dingus, web and graphics designer for Speros. “The new website structure allows Savannah ObGyn to feature much more patient-focused information, and provides an easy way for patients to contact the office and even request a specific provider.”

Lauren Dingus of Speros

Lauren Dingus of Speros

Savannah ObGyn is full-service obstetrics and gynecology practice serving the needs of Southeast Georgia and South Carolina since 1995. Its physicians and nurse practitioners offer comprehensive women’s health services in a friendly and caring environment, helping patients manage their health through all stages of life, from adolescence through the reproductive years and into menopause.

Established in 1984, Speros provides technology solutions for businesses, offering telephone systems, IT services, surveillance systems, web design and branding solutions, and cloud computing. Speros team members continually stay updated on leading-edge, certified technologies to maximize solutions and ensure businesses succeed in this fast-paced, technology-driven world. For more information, visit, call 912-354-8900 or email

Lauren Dingus
Web and Graphics Designer

Cecilia Russo
Cecilia Russo Marketing