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Beaufort Dermatology Reopens Under New Management

Beaufort Dermatology Reopens Under New Management

(BEAUFORT, SOUTH CAROLINA) Pinnacle Medical Group cut the ribbon on its newest location, Beaufort Dermatology, located at 1096 Ribaut Road.

A crowd gathers to cut the ribbon on Beaufort Dermatology in celebration of the new ownership under Pinnacle Medical Group. Left to right: Melody Jones, Pinnacle Medical Group; Beaufort Councilman Philip Cromer; Beaufort Councilwoman Alice Howard; Blakely Williams, President and CEO of the Beaufort Chamber of Commerce; Trevor Klenke, Pinnacle Medical Group; Dr. Audrey Klenke, Pinnacle Medical Group; Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling; Jo Ann Cullen, Beaufort Dermatology; Anissa Stark, Beaufort Dermatology; Jose Casey, Field Representative for Congressman Joe Cunningham South Carolina First District; Savanna Dorsey, Beaufort Dermatology; Aylin Flores, Beaufort Dermatology; Jessica Fico, Beaufort Dermatology; Crystal Robinson, Beaufort Dermatology; Susan Fogelman, Beaufort Chamber of Commerce.

The practice’s parent company brings the latest in technology to the region, including the ability to diagnose skin cancer non-invasively.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor Stand by Co-Owners Trevor and Dr. Audrey Klenke of Beaufort Dermatology, Pinnacle Medical Group

Dr. Audrey Klenke, the plastic surgeon who owns and leads the parent company of Beaufort Dermatology, Pinnacle Medical Group, was on hand for the festivities. Joining her were Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling, Beaufort councilman Philip E. Cromer, Beaufort Councilwoman Alice Howard, Jose Casey, Field Representative for Congressman Joe Cunningham South Carolina First District, Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce representatives and Trevor Klenke, Dr. Klenke’s husband.

Pinnacle Medical Group is delighted to keep this medical specialty available in Beaufort, where our outdoor lifestyle makes skin health a matter of such critical importance,” Dr. Klenke told the audience. “Plus, we are able to offer elegant spa services at this site in addition to critical dermatology services.”

Klenke acquired the original practice from two retiring dermatologists and added it to Pinnacle Medical Group’s holdings, which include Pinnacle Plastic Surgery and PURE Medical Spa in Bluffton, South Carolina.

A full-time dermatologist will join the practice after a national search is completed. Meanwhile, Jo Ann Cullen, an advanced practice nurse practitioner, will serve as the physician extender. Assisting her will be medical assistants Aylin Flores and Jessica Fico and patient concierge, Katie Bruns.

After the brief ribbon-cutting ceremony, the audience was invited to tour the practice where they could see new skin cancer technology such as the Vivascope 1500, which allows a diagnosis to be made without removing any tissue. Pinnacle is the only practice in the area to offer this option.

“Less invasive approaches to testing and treatment are on the medical forefront, and dermatology is no exception,” said Cullen. “With this device, we’ll be able to determine whether a suspicious skin feature is cancerous or just calls for careful monitoring. That means less pain, less expense and less likelihood of unnecessary scarring.”

After the tours, guests were offered discounts on Beaufort Dermatology’s retail products and spa services.

The Pinnacle Medical Group is the locally owned and operated parent company of Pinnacle Plastic Surgery, PURE Medical Spa and Beaufort Dermatology. Principal, Dr. Audrey Klenke is the only board-certified female plastic surgeon in Beaufort County, South Carolina, and is affiliated with multiple outpatient centers in the area as well as Beaufort Memorial Hospital and Hilton Head Hospital. Pinnacle Plastic Surgery and PURE Medical Spa are located at 7 Mallet Way, Bluffton, SC 29910. Beaufort Dermatology is located at 1096 Ribaut Road, Beaufort, SC 29902. For more information, please call (843) 815-6699, or visit and

Melody Jones
Sales & Marketing Specialist
Pinnacle Medical Group
7 Mallett Way, Bluffton, SC 29910
p: 843.815.6699 ext. 1009
f: 843.815.6695


How to Recognize Melanoma Warning Signs

How to Recognize Melanoma Warning Signs
by Dr. Corinne Howington

With beach season upon us, our coastal locals start taking time to soak up the sun, but these long, light-filled days often mean overexposure to the day’s dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays.

With more than three million cases of skin cancer diagnosed annually, beachgoers need to be more mindful than ever as more than 95 percent of all skin cancers are associated with sun exposure. Regular daily use of an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen reduces the risk of developing skin cancer by almost 50 percent.

Designated by the American Academy of Dermatology, National Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Monthis set for the month of May to try to raise awareness about skin cancer and increase the chances of early detection.

Here at home, we must be committed to raising awareness and encouraging action to prevent melanoma.

The American Cancer Societyreports that more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined. About 9,320 people are expected to die from this disease in 2018. The good news is that skin cancer is not only preventable but is the most curable form of cancer.

Our goal for the month of May is to bring attention to skin disease and to get people to talk about an uncomfortable topic.

Education is the key to fighting this form of cancer. If the disease is caught early and treated, the cure rate is extremely high.

Be aware of any spots on your skin that are different from the others or anything that’s changing, itching or bleeding. When checking your skin, you should look for the ABCDE’s of melanoma:

A) Asymmetry
One half of your dark spot is unlike the other half.

B) Border
An irregular, scalloped or poorly defined border is around your dark spot.

C) Color
The hue is varied from one area to another; your dark spot has shades of tan, brown or black or is sometimes white, red or blue.

D) Diameter
Melanoma spots are usually greater than the size of a pencil eraser when diagnosed, but they can be smaller.

E) Evolving
A mole or dark spot that looks unusual or is changing in size, shape or color.

As a note, not all melanomas will look like moles but may appear to be a bruise or spot that doesn’t heal.

Early detection remains the best way to fight melanoma. Patients whose melanoma is treated before it spreads to the lymph nodes or other organs have a five-year survival rate of 99 percent. This drops to 63 percent when the disease spreads to the lymph nodes and other nearby organs and 20 percent when it spreads to distant organs according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

It is recommended that everyone perform regular skin self-exams. Prevention is the best form of medicine. So this May, add a healthy dose of sunscreen to your skin.

Dr. Corinne Howington of Low Country Dermatology

Dr. Corinne Howington of Low Country Dermatology

Dr. Corinne Howington, of Low Country Dermatology, is a board certified dermatologist, with expertise in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. For more information, call (912) 354-1018or visit

The Junkluggers of the Lowcountry Host Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New Location in Bluffton

The Junkluggers of the Lowcountry Host Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New Location in Bluffton

(BLUFFTON, S.C.) The Junkluggers of the Lowcountry held a ribbon cutting in front of the Bluffton Chamber of Commerce.

The Junkluggers of the Lowcountry, an environmentally friendly and caring alternative to traditional junk removal, will serve Jasper and Beaufort counties in South Carolina. Specializing in both residential and commercial clean-outs, Junkluggers accepts everything from furniture to construction debris, including office equipment, heavy machinery and appliances.

“We opened Junkluggers of the Coastal Empire last October, but we quickly realized that the Hilton Head area had a huge demand for our services as well,” said Trevor Hess, owner and president of the local franchise. “We decided to open a new business to specifically serve this community.”

Junkluggers of the Lowcountry hauls away items people no longer want or need and strives to donate and recycle as much as possible with the goal of keeping items out of landfills. Customers receive a tax-deductible receipt for anything the company is able to donate on their customers’ behalf.

“Our mantra is donate first, recycle next and avoid landfills as much as possible,” Hess said. “Everything we put on the truck is sorted for donations, recycling and disposal with the landfill always being the last stop for any items removed.”

While keeping items out of the landfill is the company’s number one goal, Hess and his wife, Misty, are also focused on the impact the company can make in the local community.

“We partner with a lot of local charities that help a variety of causes,” Hess said. “From aiding those with special needs to helping formerly homeless veterans furnish their new apartments, we are extremely proud of the good we are able to do right in our own backyard.”

Junkluggers also plans to announce the opening of its Second Chance Store later this year.

This up-cycling retail facility will offer gently used furniture at deeply discounted prices as well as repaired items that otherwise would have been destined for the landfill. Proceeds will help benefit the Fisher House Foundation, which provides free housing for military and veterans’ families while their loved one is receiving treatment at military or VA medical centers.

For more information, please call 912-712-0227 or visit

Junkluggers of the Lowcountry Cuts Ribbon on Bluffton and Hilton Head location

Junkluggers of the Lowcountry Cuts Ribbon on Bluffton and Hilton Head location

The Junkluggers of the Lowcountry and its sister company Junkluggers of the Coastal Empire, owned by Trevor and Misty Hess, serve as an environmentally friendly junk removal company for Jasper and Beaufort counties in South Carolina and Chatham, Effingham, Bryan and Liberty counties in coastal Georgia. The company offers same-day and next-day appointments. Specializing in both residential and commercial clean-outs, Junkluggers accepts everything from furniture to construction debris, including office equipment, heavy machinery and appliances. All luggers are background-checked and professionally trained and the company is insured with 100 percent property damage protection. The company is also committed to partnering with local charities in service to the community as well as providing public education on issues such as recycling, donating and re-purposing. For more information, please call 912-712-0227 or visit

Trevor Hess
The Junkluggers of the Lowcountry

Cynthia Wright
Carriage Trade PR
Cecilia Russo Marketing

Dr. Angela Canfield Receives Lumineers® Brand Veneer Certification

Dr. Angela Canfield Receives Lumineers® Brand Veneer Certification

(SAVANNAH, GA) Two dentists with Premier Dental Designs of Rincon and Sandfly Dental in Savannah, Angela Canfield and Katelyn Sundin, are now certified in the application of Lumineeers, the number one patient-requested brand of dental veneers.

Both practices also offer free consultations for patients who are considering the procedure.

“What makes Lumineers unique is that they are ultra thin and highly translucent, which allows them to replicate the natural appearance of enamel, but it also means there is minimal tooth reduction during the procedure,” said Canfield. “This is healthier for the tooth and less painful for the patient.”

Canfield said Lumineers are often the best alternative to adult braces and for patients with spaces between teeth or those seeking a permanent bleaching solution. While all situations are different, she said, the durability of Lumineers typically allows them to resist wear and remain resilient for more than 20 years.

The cost is about the same as — and sometimes less than — traditional veneers, Canfield said, and Lumineers are completely reversible because, in most cases, there’s no grinding down of healthy tooth structure, which means the natural teeth are still intact and strong.

“The procedure usually takes three appointments of an hour or less, and most patients don’t even need numbing,” Canfield said. “We take impressions during the first appointment, then fit patients with a temporary during the second appointment, which they can wear for a few weeks. They can see what it will look like and request changes before we make the permanent appliances.”

Canfield and Sundin are among only a few certified Lumineer dentists in the Savannah area.

“We offer free consultations and will take photos of the patient to show them how Lumineers can transform their smiles,” said Canfield. “We’ll also explain other options or discuss whether another procedure would be a better solution.”

For patients seeking a less permanent and less expensive option, Canfield and Sundin are certified providers of Snap-On Smile, a more affordable, non-invasive and removable arch that can be a temporary or long-term provisional cosmetic solution.

Dr. Katelyn Sundin

Dr. Katelyn Sundin

Dr. Angela Canfield, DDS

Dr. Angela Canfield, DDS

Dr. Angela Canfield is licensed by the Georgia Board of Dentistry and the National Board of Dentists. She owns and practices at Premier Dental Designs in Rincon, 5871 Hwy 21 South, and Sandfly Family Dental in the Norwood Market in Savannah. Both offices provide Family/Preventative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Orthodontic Dentistry, Digital X-Rays, E4D One Day Crowns, Electronic Claims, Intra Oral Camera and Paperless Charting. The offices are open Monday through Friday and offer evening appointments. For more information, call 912.826.4037 or visit or

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Bethesda Academy Hosts Savannah’s 2017 State of Small Business

Bethesda Academy Hosts Savannah’s 2017 State of Small Business

Savannah’s 2017 State of Small Business to be Livestreamed on Dec. 1

(SAVANNAH, GA) The Fifth Annual State of Small Business will be livestreamed Friday, Dec. 1, at noon from the campus of Bethesda Academy.

Reports will be issued by 11 area experts who will have three minutes each to present their information on measurable benchmarks relating to Savannah’s small business community. A panel of small business owners will then discuss the implications of the data.

The livestream will be broadcast from the William H. Ford, SR. Museum at Bethesda Academy. The webstreaming services are provided by Stage Front – a better plan for AV.
This presentation will only be available to the public online at

2017 State of Small Business subjects and presenters include:

> Small Business Employment Statistics
Michael Toma, Director of the Center for Regional Analysis at Armstrong State University

> Tourism
Michael Owens, CEO of Tourism Leadership Council

> Commercial Real Estate Trends
Rhett Mouchet, Associate Broker, Colliers International Savannah

> Internet Speeds and Their Effect on Business Growth
Susan Speros, CEO at Speros

> Local Growth in Construction
Peter Ghilarducci, Development Services Liaison, city of Savannah

> Film Industry in Savannah
Charles Bowen, Corporate/Entertainment Attorney at The Bowen Law Group

> Freight Shipping Trends
Lee Beckman, Georgia Ports Authority, Garden City Terminal

> Education Statistics
Catalina Garcia-Quick, Executive Director of Communities in Schools

> Small Business Access to Capital in the Savannah Region
Tony O’Reilly, President of the Small Business Assistance Corporation

> Labor Statistics
Faith Copeland-Pittman, Business Services Recruiter for the Georgia Department of Labor

> Economic Development in Chatham County
Brandt Herndon, Vice President of Business Development for the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA)

A PDF of all reports will be available on the Savannah SCORE website in mid-December.

The event is free to watch online and will run from noon to 1:30 p.m. at:

Join the conversation by using the hashtag #SmallBizSav17.

SCORE, part of the Small Business Administration (SBA), is the largest provider of free small business mentoring services and educational business programs in the United States. Since its inception in 1964, SCORE has helped more than 10 million aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners successfully start and grow their businesses. SCORE now has 320 chapters nationwide with over 11,000 volunteers donating over 2 million hours of their time each year. In 2016, Savannah SCORE helped start 135 new businesses and create 329 new non-owner jobs. Because of its contributions to Savannah’s small business community, the chapter has been ranked in the top 30 SCORE chapters in the country and has been nominated as Chapter of the Year. If you are interested in speaking with a SCORE mentor about your business ideas or needs, or if you are interested in becoming a SCORE mentor, please call (912)-652-4335 or visit our website at

Marjorie Young
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Savannah Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Most to Open Pooler Office

Savannah Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Most to Open Pooler Office

Savannah Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Most to Cut Ribbon on New Pooler Location November 29

(SAVANNAH, GA) Dr. Daniel Most, a Savannah-based plastic surgeon, announces plans to cut the ribbon on the Most Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery office in Pooler. This Pooler location will allow Dr. Most to see patients in the West Chatham area on Wednesdays of every week.

Dr. Most will cut the ribbon on Wednesday, November 29 at 11 a.m at 114 Canal St., Suite 102, in the Savannah Acupuncture and Wellness building.

The public is invited to join Dr. Most and his staff for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. This event will also celebrate Dr. Most’s fifth anniversary of private practice in the greater Savannah area.

Dr. Most, who specializes in a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures, is dually trained in both hand and microsurgery. He has practiced since 2005 and has operated Most Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, PC, in the Savannah Medical Center since 2012.

Dr. Most received his doctor of medicine degree from Stanford University in California, then completed a combined general surgery and plastic surgery residency at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and completed a hand and microsurgery fellowship at Harvard University in Boston.

“We are very pleased to be able to expand our services to serve patients in west Chatham County and surrounding areas,” said Dr. Most. “This is especially important for breast cancer and other surgical patients to have convenient access to their physician for post-operative care.”

Dr. Most is known for leading-edge breast reconstruction techniques, the surgical procedure that restores shape to the breast after a mastectomy, the surgery that removes breast tissue to treat or prevent breast cancer. During the month of October, Dr. Most participated as one of the 2017 BigWigs for the Susan G. Komen Society of the Coastal Empire.

Dr. Most is also a leading physician in the area of hand surgery and is the only Savannah surgeon who will work with the brachial plexus nerves in the neck region of the spinal cord. Dr. Most also treats peripheral nerve injuries, tumors and other disorders affecting the network of nerves that link the brain and spinal cord to other parts of the body.

As a published researcher, Dr. Most’s writing has appeared in more than 30 publications in scientific journals and surgical textbooks, and he has presented his research nationally and internationally in lectures and community presentations. He is also a teacher in the field of plastic surgery and has received numerous honors and awards.

Most Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, PC, Pooler Grand Opening

Most Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, PC, Pooler Grand Opening

Dr. Daniel Most, MD, has practiced plastic surgery since 2005, operating a private practice, Most Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, P.C., at 5205 Frederick Street, Suite A, in Savannah, Ga., since 2012. He opened a second location at 114 Canal Street, Suite 102, in Pooler, Ga., in 2017. Dr. Most graduated from the University of California at San Diego with a B.S. in biology, obtained his doctor of medicine degree from Stanford University in California, then completed a combined general surgery and plastic surgery residency at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and completed a hand and microsurgery fellowship at Harvard University in Boston. He is a clinical associate professor of surgery at Mercer University School of Medicine, Savannah campus. He is on staff at Memorial Health University Medical Center, the St. Joseph/Candler Health System and Liberty Regional Medical Center and is a participating provider for most insurance policies. He is fluent in Spanish and has performed charity surgery work in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. For more information, contact Dr. Most at 912-303-6678 or visit online at

Dr. Daniel Most
Most Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, PC

Cynthia Wright
Cecilia Russo Marketing

Rotary Clubs Partner with MAP International to Give Medical Relief to Local Community

Rotary Clubs Partner with MAP International to Give Medical Relief to Local Community

(BRUNSWICK/VALDOSTA) Rotary Clubs across Southeast Georgia are partnering with MAP International to provide medical relief to local citizens who have fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system. MAP International, a Christian nonprofit based in Brunswick that provides life-changing medicines and health supplies to people in need, will partner with Rotary District 6920 to provide free medicines for qualified patients in Brunswick and Valdosta. The free medications will be available at two volunteer community clinics in these cities and will focus on four classes of disease: hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, and asthma.

Participation in the program is only available through the cooperating clinics. The program will provide medicines for approximately 1,500 uninsured or underinsured low-income adults, families, and pregnant women in Brunswick and Valdosta.

“These drugs are going to help maintain a quality of life that they wouldn’t have had otherwise,” says Dr. Hamsa Thota, 2017-18 Governor of Rotary District 6920.

The Coastal Medical Access Project (CMAP) clinic, a part of Southeast Georgia Health System, will supply the medications at its Brunswick clinic to adults living in Camden, Glynn, and McIntosh counties. In Valdosta, patients can visit the Partnership Health Center, a free primary healthcare facility staffed by volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and administrative staff who serve the healthcare needs of the working uninsured in Lowndes County.

“This community partnership (Rotary and MAP) will help provide a sustainable solution, to meet the healthcare needs of people falling through the cracks of the current health system,” says MAP International CEO, Steve Stirling.

Rotary MAPRotary and MAP International Launch Partnership

About MAP International:

MAP International is a Christian organization providing life-changing medicines and health supplies to people in need. MAP serves all people, regardless of religion, gender, race, nationality, or ethnic background. For more information visit

About Rotary International District 6920

Rotary International is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who come together to make positive, lasting change in communities at home and abroad. Our guiding principles have been the foundation of our values: service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership. Rotary members believe that we have a shared responsibility to take action on our world’s most persistent issues. Rotary District 6920 consists of 63 clubs with a membership of over 3200 Rotary members scattered throughout southeast Georgia including Macon, Augusta, Valdosta, Brunswick, Camden, Tift, and Savannah.