WISH LIST for Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center in Guyton


GUYTON, Georgia – A country-fresh version of humble and kind is found at a non-profit
equine-therapy center that champions children, broadening options for determined families
and educators. The 10-acre horse farm of Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center enlists
rescued horses, volunteers, experts, and benefactors to carry the heavy loads.

There were no plans to deck the stalls. Resources are not squandered. Expensive wishes don’t
make the equine center’s Christmas Wish List either. Instead daily essentials make the crucial
list. ( more on that below)

Yet, something wonderful happened in the peaceful countryside, under the tall Georgia
pines! To surprise the children, Secret Santas delivered a horse-themed wreath, Christmastree, and stockings. These supporters discovered, however, that their good deed reaped two-
way benefits. “Givers and receivers can find joy in the stables at this humble horse-therapycenter. Take some time in the peaceful countryside. Just watch a physically challenged young-
ster sit high in the horse’s saddle,” shares one secret Santa. “That experience – seeing thec hild’s struggle and satisfaction — will change your perspective on life, and press your heart to
find ways to be helpful.”

Cleaning supplies-
1. bleach
2. Liquid clothes detergent
3. 409 cleaner
4. Lysol spray
5. paper towels
6. toilet paper
7. swiffer mop refills
8. large trash bags 39 gal or 55 gal

Horse care supplies-
1. Tractor Supply gift cards– so we can purchase health care supplies and feed for the horses
School supplies- 81 children need these types of supplies
1. coloring books, finger paints,
2. puzzles with large pieces, (teach right in Rincon has some puzzles)
3. laminating pouches, velcro
4. printer ink-564 HP black and colors
Larger needs-
1.A good (used is fine) large electric dryer
2.Changing table for larger children
3.Wheelchair accessible folding tables, like tables that have legs that can be made taller so a wheelchair can roll under ( some children cannot get close to the tables at lunch time.)
Contact us at 912-728-3728 or visit our website to learn more about us at : http://www.faithetc.org


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