National Real Property Management Consultancy Relocates to Savannah


(SAVANNAH, GA) EIPCI announced on March 1st that it has permanently relocated operations from the Washington, DC region to Savannah.  Providing professional, technical, and advisory services to real estate portfolio executives since 1995, EIPCI identifies, models and implements best solutions for sustained growth, financial controls and operations management. EIPCI uses a multifaceted approach, focusing on what’s important while avoiding jargon du jour that leads to misplaced priorities.  The practice balances processes, finances, projects, market targets and data; helping clients design and implement sustainable and successful real property and facilities operations.

EIPCI has its roots in managing enterprise portfolios where organizational costs are usually second only to personnel, where decisions are often complex and where the pace of business change consistently places new challenges on buildings and infrastructure. According to Founding Partner, Ray Summerell “This has led us into many endeavors and, today, we have a deep track record in helping companies and government agencies across a broad spectrum of missions and requirements. From enterprise-class software to business development to manufacturing and to hospitality, EIPCI has a proven record of delivering success.”

EIPCI provides the best possible value in professional services.  Based in the paradigm that work is a process, not a place, the company operates almost entirely through cloud-based resources and a network of consultants, keeping overhead extremely low and providing comparable talent at about half the cost of large consultancies.  As Mr. Summerell explains “What you get from us is simple:   KNOWLEDGE, INTEGRITY. RESULTS and VALUE.

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