Tytan Pictures Promotes Jessica Thomas to Associate Creative Director

(SAVANNAH, GA) Tytan Pictures, based on Tybee Island, Ga. announces Jessica Thomas has moved up in the company to become the new Associate Creative Director. Thomas, a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, and native of Anchorage, Alaska, has a degree in Motion Graphics.

With regard to working at Tytan Pictures, and her new role, she said, “I am happy to work at Tytan because it is the place that I have the most opportunity in Savannah to create new and amazing things. An associate creative does everything. I am a second shooter, and animator; [I] oversee creatives, editors, color correctors, photo editors, freelancers, and everything in between.”

Thomas has worked at Tytan for several years, and is proud of the progress the company has made over the last several months. This includes her role as Visual Effects Supervisor during the production of Storm Soldiers II, the second installment of a planned trilogy exploring the electrical utility industry.

Jessica Thomas

5417 Holdings is a global producer of film and production materials. Tytan Pictures, a subsidiary of 5417 Holdings, oversees production, distribution, entertainment, products, services and technologies. Specializing in cinematography and film production and integration, Tytan Pictures’ national team of seasoned storytellers travel across the country allowing people, products, and personalities, to convey their unique story in “their best light.” As branding strategists and entertainment executives for over 30 years, Tytan Pictures’ perspective provides an insight into projects such as documentaries, short films and commercials. The company is located at 1006 HWY 80 on Tybee Island, Ga. 31328. For more information, please go to tytancreates.com.

Caitlin Lee
Project Manager
Tytan Pictures
(912) 786-9006 Ext. 151

Cynthia Wright
Director of Communications
Carriage Trade PR
Cecilia Russo Marketing
(912) 856-9075


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