Local Business Woman Expands McDonald’s Franchise to Sandfly Are

Nina Tracy Gompels to Open Sixth Location in Savannah

(SAVANNAH, GA) The McDonald’s on Montgomery Cross Rd, the sixth location to be owned and operated by Nina Tracy Gompels (NTG) Enterprises, is set to open on Tuesday, November 24. In conjunction with the grand opening, this McDonald’s will host a number of events, such as “free Big Macs for a year” for the first 100 customers; the “Find Happiness Around Sandfly” scavenger hunt and several community nights for local organizations.

McDonald’s collaborated with the Savannah Tree Foundation (STF) on the design of the landscape to enhance environmental resources on the site and maximize tree counts. Additionally, there will be wall graphics inside the store utilizing photographs from local Isle Of Hope photographers and a mural depicting the local Ronald McDonald House.

Gompels bought her first McDonald’s from her father back in 2001. In total, the six restaurants owned by Gompels provides 320 jobs to our area.

“I’m so pleased we are bringing McDonald’s to our customers that commute and frequent the Sandfly area,” said Gompels. “It’s exciting to continue developing community programs in conjunction with area schools, churches and other area organizations. I’m also very happy to be able to add new jobs to the local economy, plus offer corporate training opportunities and scholarship programs to those new employees.”

McDonald’s offers community support through McTeacher’s nights, various Ronald Programs for reading and good citizenship, the Archways to Opportunity for tuition assistance and a free on-line high school diploma program and the John Cisna Nutrition, Education and Awareness program.

The store will execute the all day breakfast option. Gompels said, “We’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm from people who are happy to be getting their breakfast biscuit any time of day, although burgers still are the heavy hitters for lunch.”

To celebrate the opening of this new location, Gompels will hold several Community Nights. Also, on Saturday, December 12, McDonalds will hold a “Find Happiness Around Sandfly” scavenger hunt. Thirty happy meal boxes will be hidden around various locations in the area, and participants will be given hints on the locations to then find the giant meal box and return it to the restaurant for great “local happiness” prizes.

For more information on the new store or grand opening opportunities, visit https://mylocalmcds.com/1941-montgomery/.

Nina Gompels is the president for NTG Enterprises, which owns six Savannah area McDonald’s restaurants. The restaurant’s hours are 5:30 a.m. (lobby opens at 6 a.m.) until 11 p.m. Sunday – Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday. For more information, visit the Sandfly McDonald’s at 1941 E. Montgomery Cross Road, Savannah, GA, 31406, online at https://mylocalmcds.com/1941-montgomery/ or call call 912-692-0021.

Cecilia Russo
Cecilia Russo Marketing


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