Rally Against Palmetto Pipeline Scheduled Saturday, April 18 at Noon

(SAVANNAH, GA) Citizens in Savannah are up at arms against the new Palmetto pipeline that is slated to cut through residential and coastal areas. A rally is scheduled for Saturday, April 18. Participants are asked to meet at the Forsyth Park Fountain at noon.

Savannah residents were asked by the Facebook group Push Back the Pipeline and Ogeechee and Savannah Riverkeepers to join together to voice their displeasure at the proposed pipeline and the Georgia Department ​of Transportation (GDOT)’s handling of this process.

Kinder Morgan, the largest energy infrastructure company in North America, plans to build the buried pipeline to transport gasoline, ethanol and diesel from the Gulf Coast to the South East. The company applied to the GDOT for a certificate of public convenience and necessity, which if approved, will authorize it to condemn property from private citizens and cannot be appealed. Time is running out on the 90-day period to fight the application and after the GDOT public hearing on Tuesday, April 21, it will be too late for Savannah citizens to voice their issues.

Top Five Reasons Why Savannah is Rallying Against the Texan Pipeline:

• Big Oil Monopoly = Higher prices at the pump.
• 250 Georgia jobs lost to Texas.
• Private Property will be Taken – Eminent Domain.
• Pipeline would endanger our rivers, marshes and wetlands.
• Texan pipeline is not earthquake proof; Savannah and Coastal Georgia run along a fault line and are exposed to seismic risk.

For more information on the rally, visit https://www.facebook.com/pushbackthepipeline?fref=ts.

KC Allan
Push Back the Pipeline


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