Friends Of Music Puppet Program Performs at Port Wentworth Elementary School

(Port Wentworth, GA) On Tuesday, March 31, the Savannah Friends of Music performed their Puppet Program at Port Wentworth Elementary School for the Kindergarten classes. The purpose of the Puppet Program was to introduce children to Classical Music.
In the show, there was a conductor named Tagenhorst and a detective named, Sherlock. Sherlock was on a mission in search for his favorite musical sound and Tagenhorst was searching for the Concert A Note. Sherlock and Tagenhorst decided to help each other and met musical instruments along the way. Each instrument represents the string, brass, woodwind, and percussion sections in a symphony orchestra. The musical instrument puppets were a Viola, French Horn, Oboe and Xylophone, and were created by puppet designer, Angela Beasley.  In the end, the conductor found the Concert A Note and the detective found out that his favorite musical sound was made by not just one instrument but, all of the instruments playing together.
At the end of the show, the children received a coloring book, from the SFOM, with drawings of the puppets as an educational material illustrating all the musical instruments of the orchestra. This coloring book was to help reinforce the concepts that were presented.
The entire show ran for about 25 minutes.
There are 12 puppeteers who are all members of Savannah Friends of Music. On March 31, there were 4 puppeteers represented at the Port Wentworth Elementary School. “I have been a puppeteer for 10 years and to see the children’s faces is so rewarding,” said Marie Schueremann, chairman of the Savannah Friends of Music Puppeteers,
“Our goal is to get the children excited about classical music while enjoying the show.”
Started in 2004, the Savannah Friends of Music’s Puppet Program began with Bunnie Ludtke’s suggestion that the SFOM adopt the puppet program developed by the Sacramento Symphony Guild for children in the Savannah area.
For more information or to request a performance at your school, visit their website at or call 912-355-5601.
Savannah Friends of Music (SFOM) is a non-profit 501c3 organizaton whose mission is to support, sponsor, and promote classical music programs and music education in the greater savannah area. SFOM was founded in May 2003. The organization has supported the Savannah Music Festival, the Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus, the Savannah Children’s Choir and Armstrong Atlantic Youth Orchestra. Now in their upcoming 12th year of operation, SFOM’s membership nears 300, and has raised and disbursed over $600,000 in fulfillment of their mission. For more information, visit their website at or call 912-355-5601.
Marie Scheuermann
Chair of Savannah Friends of Music Puppeteers
Media inquiries, contact:
Kaitlyn DeLong
CarriageTrade PR

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