10 Do’s and Don’ts for PR Interns

Two CEOs List their Top Ten Do’s & Don’ts for Interning at a PR Firm

*10 DO’s*
DO:  Dress in a professional style: Black and white is a safe “uniform;” closed toe low heal pumps for women; black dress shoes for men.
DO: use ACTIVE verbs in the headline
DO: admit mistakes as soon as you realize you’ve made them
DO: get approval on everything before sending something out.
DO: double check spelling on names, branding, streets, live links, etc.
DO: use AP Style
DO: research a publication before pitching
DO: be flexible in your hours. We may need you to work an event on the weekends or after hours
DO:  manage your social media profiles and what you are pushing out to the world – you need to be mindful of what image you are representing
DO: be early to work, eager to help, and appreciate the opportunity to learn

*10 DON’Ts*
DON’T: be late
DON’T: write “thanks” – spell it out: Thank You.
DON’T:  use “!” in releases or correspondence
DON’T: use language in a press release like “with that said…”
DON’T: ask 20 questions about a simple assignment. Try to figure it out – and get a draft going before seeking more help.
DON’T: type like you are texting; “&”, “lol”, “nite”
DON’T:  use ### at the end of media releases; this is very old school
DON’T:  BCC editors: make personalized pitches for each publication and pitch one at a time
DON’T: use superlatives in press releases
DON’T:  ever tell the media what you want from them. Instead, ask them about the kinds of stories they’re looking for, or if there are any other reporters in their newsroom who would be interested

Cecilia Russo, of Cecilia Russo Marketing, LLC, is an acknowledged marketing professional with a proven record among Savannah’s top tier non-profit and for profit organizations, businesses and corporations in the areas of fund development, marketing, public relations and event planning. As a native Savannahian, Cecilia’s knowledge and experience gives her unique insights into channeling the efforts of volunteers and constituents into effective, mission-driven public relations activities that translate into measurable results. She was voted one of Savannah’s “40 Business Leaders Under 40” by the Savannah Business Report and Journal in 2005. For more information, call 912.665.0005 or visit https://ceciliarussomarketing.wordpress.com

Carriage Trade Public Relations, Inc. is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015 as Savannah’s premiere reputation management company. Founded in 1995 by Marjorie Young to help businesses increase their visibility in their community and globally online through its trademarked strategy, the REPUTATION MATRIX™ method, the firm also established the first local news wire in Savannah and Augusta, COMMUNITY HEADLINES™, and the online TV show, OPEN FOR BUSINESS®. In 2013, Savannah Morning News named Carriage Trade PR its Small Business of the Year. For more information, contact Marjorie Young at 912.844.9990 or marjorie@carriagetradepr.com or www.carriagetradepr.com
Marjorie Young, CEO and president of Carriage Trade PR

Marjorie Young, CEO and president of Carriage Trade PR


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