Dear members, friends.

It is with great pleasure to inform you that our entry to participate in the St. Patrick’s’ Day Parade on

March 17th 2015, has been accepted by the Parade Committee. The St. Patrick’s’ Day Parade in Savannah

is the second largest in the Nation. It has over 800,000 viewers nation-wide as well as locally through

tens of thousands that are aligned to see the parade throughout the trajectory that is carried out.

In the next days we will be assembling a team to oversee the development and implementation of our

entry and the tasks towards guaranteeing that this participation helps us to obtain the Chamber

objectives. Our participation will give visibility and promote the Hispanic business owners in the Region,

and will serve so that others are motivated to become partners in our growth and proud of their

Hispanic heritage.

We are requesting that you spread the word so that many of your friends and customers line-up the

streets and show support to your business in this important Parade. Also, you can urge your businesses

acquaintances and friends to join the Chamber so that they too can participate in the parade side-by-
side our Great Family.

We will have Cultural groups from the Caribbean, South and Central America displaying their national

flags and their traditional attire and dresses.

For more information send us an electronic mail at: or give us a call at (904) 422-


Thank you very much for being part of Our Family!


Alfonso Ribot Jonatan Gonzalez Jonatan Gonzalez natan Gonzalez

President & CEO Board Chairman Board Chairman

Facebok : Facebok


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