Italian Author Massimilliano Sacchi Speaks on The Secret Power of Symbols

The secret power of symbols – From Paganism to Christianity itself as a vocabulary of Christian symbols specially designed to focus attention on the forms originally pagan and later recoded by Christianity.

The content is enriched with literary passages, illustrations, comments glottological-linguistic and historical-geographical analysis. The structure of the work proposes a dual mode of reading: on the one hand, offers several interpretations and historical passages of more than 120 symbols; on the other, with more detailed file, it is able to satisfy even experienced readers. Therefore the book includes a large collection of
classic and protocristian texts revised and translated by the author Massimiliano Sacchi

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Massimiliano Sacchi was born and lives in Lecco -Italy. He has a Master Degree in Classical Philology at the University of Milan and he has always studied the relationship between the classical world and the Christian tradition, with particular interest on the investigation of the the holy symbols and the evolution of cults in the Roman Imperial Age. He is currently a professor of Latin and ancient Greek,  and an author of textbooks. He is also a member of A.I.C.C. (Italian Association of Classical Culture).

Massimiliano Sacchi

Author Massimilliano Sacchi

Massimiliano Sacchi

by Massimilliano Sacchi





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