A Hands-On Archaeology Experience: Ossabaw Island Archaeology Overnight Trip is July 11-12

A Hands-On Archaeology Experience:   Ossabaw Island Archaeology Overnight Trip is July 11-12
Spend a night on Ossabaw Island on the Georgia coast, and take part in an active archaeological dig.  Led by the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources’ Archaeology Division and the University of Georgia, this dig, on the South End of Ossabaw Island, is serving as a Field School for UGA’s archaeology graduate and undergraduate students.  Across the centuries, Ossabaw’s south end was a Native American settlement, two plantations (18th century and 19th century), and an early 20th century lumber mill. 
Itinerary: Depart Friday, July 11, 4:30pm from Delegal Creek Marina on Skidaway Island, just outside of Savannah. After a 30-minute boat ride across Ossabaw Sound, arrive on Ossabaw Island in time for social hour, followed by supper and an evening program that includes an island overview and walking tour of the island’s North End.   Your choice of accommodations: shared lodging in the Club House or tent camping at the North End with full restroom access in the Club House.  On Saturday morning, enjoy breakfast and then climb into the back of a truck to travel to the South End excavation site, for introduction to the archaeology dig and what’s been found so far, by Dr. Victor Thompson, Director of the University of Georgia’s Center for Archaeological Science and the leader for the Ossabaw project.  Divide into groups for hand- on opportunities to sift dirt looking for artifacts, sort the day’s findings under the supervision of project graduate students, and operate ground penetrating radar to reveal what’s hidden below ground. Lunch will be a picnic under the trees.  Return to the North End around 3pm for your return to the mainland.
Date/Time:  Friday, July 11, 4:30pm through Saturday, July 12, 4:00pm (approximately)
Location: Depart and return via Delegal Creek Marina, Skidaway Island, Georgia
Who should attend: All are welcome.  Reservations and prepayment required. Minors must be accompanied by supervising adult.
Other:  Trip occurs rain or shine, unless canceled by the boat captain due to weather advisory.
Fee:  Club House accommodations: $200 per person for Friends of Ossabaw;  $225 pr person for general public (includes “Friends of Ossabaw” membership.) Fee includes transportation by boat to and from Ossabaw Island, three meals including coffee/tea/water/lemonade; overnight shared accommodations, and all programming.
Camping accommodations (bring your own tent):  $100 per person for Friends of Ossabaw; $125 per person for general public  (includes “Friends of Ossabaw” membership.) Fee includes transportation by boat to and from Ossabaw Island, three meals including coffee/tea/water/lemonade; camping fee and all programming.
Reservations and prepayment required. No onsite registrations. Online registration preferred via www.ossabawisland.net.
Sponsored by:  The Ossabaw Island Foundation
Contact: Robin Gunn, robin@ossabawisland.org912-233-5104. [okay to publish]
Registration website:   ossabawisland.net
Photo caption and credit:  “UGA archaeologists at work at the Ossabaw Island excavation site in June 2014.”  Photo courtesy of UGA’s Archaeology Field Schools.
ABOUT OSSABAW ISLAND:  Ossabaw Island is a 26,000-acre undeveloped barrier island on the Atlantic Ocean, owned by the State of Georgia and located in Chatham County. Georgia’s first Heritage Preserve, accessible only by boat, is undeveloped and set aside by an Executive Order for natural, scientific and cultural study, research and education; and for environmentally sound preservation, conservation and management of the island’s ecosystem.
ABOUT THE OSSABAW ISLAND FOUNDATION:  The Ossabaw Island Foundation (TOIF) is a non-profit 501 (c)3.  Through a partnership with the State of Georgia, TOIF inspires, promotes, and manages exceptional educational, cultural, and scientific programs that are designed to maximize the experience of Ossabaw Island, while minimizing the impact on the island’s resources.
Robin Gunn
Project Coordinator
The Ossabaw Island Foundation
305 Fahm Street
Savannah, GA  31401
912-233-5104 (office)
912-272-1448 (mobile/text)



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