(SAVANNAH, GA) Rich Electronics Announces XplorerBoard a KickStarter Project Incorporating Arduino

Rich Electronics Announces XplorerBoard a KickStarter Project Incorporating Arduino

(SAVANNAH, GA) Jason Rich introduces the KickStarter project “XplorerBoard”, a modern day electronics kit featuring Arduino.

The Arduino is considered one of the the most popular and easiest to use microcontroller on the DIY-Maker market. It allows users to learn basic computer code to control hardware projects, and runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Operating systems.

The Xplorerboard also includes a multitude of components that allow users to create just about any electronics project they can dream up.  It’s perfect for students and adults, who are interested in electronics and robotics. The Xplorerboard is also a great resource for schools with its portability, plug and play usability and included tutorials.

“I’m committed to building electronics in the United States.  My KickStarter goal is to raise enough capital to purchase the manufacturing equipment required to produce the Xplorerboard in Savannah, Georgia,” says Rich. “I’m equally excited to get it on the market and into student’s hands to inspire the next generation of Engineers.”

Rich began his career as an Electrical Engineer by opening a Software Development firm. He wrote one of the first E-Commerce platforms for small to mid-sized businesses who used FrontPage or Dreamweaver for Web Development.

Check out his video presentation and the XplorerBoard on KickStarterhttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1576747460/portable-dual-arduino-micro-xplorerboard


About Rich Electronics:

Rich Electronics is the Electronics Manufacturing division of Rich Media Technologies, Inc. Rich Media Technologies has been incorporated since April 1997, with a portfolio of banking and e-commerce software. Originally Incorporated in Englewood, Colorado, Rich Media Technologies relocated to Savannah, GA in 2005.  www.richelectronics.com


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