Musicians Julie Wilde and Austin Smith record ‘The Mystery of Love In Paris’ ….

(Paris, France) In December of 2013 singer/songwriter, Julie Rose Wilde, and big-band arranger, Austin Smith, recorded The Mystery of Love In Paris, an original big-band/gypsy-jazz fusion album, with Ron Meza’s Parisian “High Definition Big Band” and featured guest artists, Bireli Lagrene (guitar), Didier Lockwood (violin), and Jeff Hamilton (drums).

Most of the songs on the album first appeared on Wilde’s 2012 CD, The Mystery of Love, a collection of jazz manouche, cabaret-inspired love songs recorded in Nashville with “The Gypsy Hombres”.  While debuting her album in Paris in 2013, Wilde met up with film composer and arranger, Austin Smith and “High Definition Big Band” leader, Ron Meza. After collaborating with Meza’s band on a few of Smith’s arrangements of the original Mystery of Love tunes, Wilde and Smith were so pleased with the results they decided to produce The Mystery of Love In Paris, a full Parisian jazz orchestra version of Wilde’s original collection. They also decided to retain the gypsy jazz flavor of the original album by including accordion, violin and gypsy guitar in the orchestration and bringing in legendary players Bireli Lagrene and Didier Lockwood.

After a year of work on the arrangements and writing several new tunes for the album, Wilde and Smith returned to Paris in November, 2013, to begin rehearsals for a December recording session at the legendary Davout Studios.

The album is slated for completion in the summer of 2014. Wilde and Smith are booking their high-energy, entertaining, gypsy jazz, big-band rendezvous, The Mystery of Love in Paris show for European music festivals. They also hope to find venues back home to showcase their exciting, fusion music for American audiences.

The Mystery of Love In Paris site:

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