Two Bernard Williams & Company Agents Earn Rare Credential

(SAVANNAH, GA) Bernard Williams & Company recently announced that two of its agents have earned the coveted Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS®) certification.

The two professionals at Bernard Williams & Company that have completed the MLIS® program are veteran agents Lynne Hogan and Charles McCoy.

The MLIS® program is administered by the International Risk Management Institute, Inc., (IRMI) founded in 1978, and located in Dallas, TX. According to the IRMI website, the credential is awarded to qualifying insurance agents that complete a rigorous, two-part specialized curriculum consisting of over 800 pages of literature. The program is designed specifically for retail insurance agents, brokers, and risk managers, as well as surplus line brokers and underwriters.

Hogan earned her degree in risk management and insurance from UGA in 1987. She has 17 years in the insurance business, seven of which have been with Bernard Williams & Company. Hogan also possesses another important certification, the Construction Risk Insurance Specialist (CRIS), an insurance designation program that includes a series of courses focused specifically on the insurance and risk management needs of the construction industry. The CRIS program is also administered by IRMI.

“I am very excited about this new credential,” said Hogan. “I am very privileged to work at Bernard Williams. Their business ethics and service to the clients are the main priorities here, and I’m just very happy to be a part of that.”

According to IRMI, the MLIS® program was developed in response to concerns expressed by clients about the difficulty of determining whether their insurance agents, brokers, and other risk advisers have the specialized knowledge necessary to properly design and arrange their insurance programs.

Hogan reports to Charles McCoy, who has 30-plus years in the industry. McCoy is the second agent from Bernard Williams to attain the level of MLIS®. McCoy expressed his commitment to expertise and professionalism and said he felt that this credential was an important sign of that commitment.

A spokesperson for IRMI recently said that these two agents, Hogan and McCoy, are currently the only agents that have earned the MLIS® credential in the greater Savannah area.

About Bernard Williams Insurance and Financial Services

Founded in 1934 by Bernard F. Williams, Bernard Williams Insurance and Financial Services is a leading provider of insurance-related products and services in Georgia and throughout the Southeast. Today Bernard Williams serves the insurance and risk management needs of more than 4,000 businesses and families utilizing state-of-the-art technology for efficient customer service and accurate information management. Bernard Williams’ primary objective is to establish a partnership between clients, the insurance providers and the agency, providing coverage, loss control services and claim services that are comprehensive, efficient and mutually beneficial. For more information about Bernard Williams Insurance and Financial Services, please call 912-234-4476 or visit

Lynne Hogan

Lynne Hogan

Charles McCoy

Charles McCoy


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