CCDS of Savannah offers Manufacturing, Catering, Assembly, Packaging, Printing

Coastal Center for Developmental Services, Inc.


Coastal Center for Developmental Services, Inc. has been an active part of the Coastal Georgia community for decades.  Recognized throughout the state for providing quality 

services and creating meaningful, innovative work opportunities for adults with 

developmental disabilities, CCDS continues to grow.


With its nationally accredited programs – Community Employment, 

Organizational Employment (Quantum), and Community Access (Day 

Habilitation) – CCDS offers a variety of choices for more than 320 adults 

on their individual roads toward independence.


With skilled staff 

providing needed supports, the people in our programs receive personcentered guidance as they work to achieve their own goals.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Kathy Thomson, the staff receives annual and 

program-specific trainings to stay current on the best possible methods and practices to 

enhance their service.

CCDS boasts a staff where nearly half has served at the agency for 

over 15 years, and several have committed to working more than 20 and 30 years!  This 

dedication strengthens the knowledge and relationships among staff members, individuals 

served, and their families. 

The Savannah community has embraced CCDS.


Area businesses have hired over 150 

individuals in community jobs; universities provide student volunteers; corporate and 

private donors funded the CCDS Community Garden; businesses offer off-site training to 

Day Habilitation Program participants; industry leaders hire mobile work crews; CCDS 

events are held at popular locations across town; and much more. CCDS is often the 

catalyst for individuals wanting to immerse themselves in the community around them. 

CCDS hopes to empower the people it serves to the fullest.  In 2011, it created its own 

empowerment campaign – MePower – and challenges everyone to do what they can to 

empower someone.  The MePower Philosophy sums up our beliefs and practices:


Community Employment (WORK)

Individuals are hired by businesses in the community, earning 

at least minimum wage.  Job coaching and long-term support 

ensure  that jobs have the potential of turning into successful 


Day Habilitation (COMMUNITY ACCESS)

Designed for individuals with lower skill levels and a need for 

more supports, this program’s aim is to involve everyone in 

their own community. Speech, physical, and occupational 

therapists are on-site weekly working with staff and 

individuals in the program.


Quantum Catering (WORK) 

Workers learn basic food preparation skills for agency meals 

and catered meals ordered by businesses, civic groups, and 

individuals in the community.

Quantum Packaging Assembly (WORK)

Companies like Oneida, International Paper, and Kennickell 

Printing contract with Quantum to produce work by a

deadline.  Workers fold and fill boxes, adhere labels, perform 

quality control checks, shrink wrap, palletize, and more. 

Supervised mobile crews work off-site at businesses.


Quantum Printing (WORK)

Individuals complete customer orders in silk-screening, foilstamping, button-making, and ribbon-making.  There may be 

use of the manual production press, tunnel dryer, and 

washing tub.  Other tasks may include typesetting, button 

making, and folding shirts.


Quantum Specialized Assembly (WORK)

 Gulfstream Aerospace and JCB contract with us to complete 

electrical and non-electrical assemblies.  Tools (pliers, wire 

strippers, crimpers, etc.) are used to create complex 

assemblies on jets and vehicles. 

For more information on services, self-advocacy 

opportunities, and MePower partnerships, please join 

us on our website or contact us for an on-site tour!


1249 Eisenhower Drive 

Savannah, GA  31406


We are open and staffed from 

8:00 AM until 5:00PM MondayThursday.  On Friday, it is 8:00AM 

until 4:00 PM. We have an on-call 

emergency contact person 24/7. 


P. O. Box 13607 

Savannah, GA  31416 


(912) 644-7500 reaches the 

receptionist.  1-877-USE-CCDS is 

our toll-free number. 


You may fax us information 

securely to (912) 644-7525. 


You may reach us at our main email address:

and it will be redirected as 



Our main website describes CCDS 

programs and services, the people 

who make things happen, and 

other useful information:

 . Our MePower website highlights 

the relationships and 

opportunities we have with other 

businesses, volunteers, and 

people who support our mission:

Our third website focuses on the 

businesses CCDS offers through its 

subsidiary, Quantum, Inc.:


CONTACT CINDY BURNS (912) 644-7500

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