Savannah Real Estate Industry gives a big “ Hooa” in support for our Military.

The Military, in the opinion of many, is our most important branch of
Government. It protects us from those who would cause us harm and helps to
preserve many of our basic freedoms.

The Military is part of the “DNA” of the Savannah Area. From our founder
General James Oglethorpe to our historic forts, Fort Jackson, Fort Pulaski,
and Fort McAllister. The Military is our history and in many ways our future.

The incredible growth of the Savannah area has come about from the positive
impact of many factors, which in turn has helped it to sustain growth during
cyclical downturns in our economy. One of the major factors is the effect
of the Military presence and the enormous support of the local community
for it. Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield contribute to improving the
surrounding communities by strengthening emergency services, addressing
environmental concerns, supporting local schools, sharing recreational
assets, and supporting local charities. Their economical effect on the area is

Not only does the proximity of Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield
account for nearly 44,000 jobs and two billion dollars in the economical
impact to the region, but it also introduces over 36,000 service personnel and
their dependents to the area. This effect is expected to grow in the coming
years. Both bases have just completed new infrastructure to house new
brigades. There was, however, disappointment when additional brigades
were cancelled last year, but the word is that some brigades that will be
coming home from Europe could be heading our way. That is good news for
our community and the local real estate market. With nearly 4,400 soldiers
cycling out of the military each year from area bases it’s safe to say many
choose Savannah and the surrounding area to retire or transform to civilian
life. It is of the utmost importance to our community to maintain our strong
and enduring support for our Military.

Bob Dixon
Celia Dunn Sotheby’s International Realty

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