Homeless Shelter for Women and Children in Savannah, GA – 2414 Bull Street Savannah, GA 31401 (912) 232-1979

The Old Savannah City Mission’s
Emergency Shelter for Homeless Women and Children1 www.oscm.org

2414 Bull Street  Savannah, GA 31401

(912) 232-1979

1. The Savannah area has 28 emergency shelter beds for women (Inner City Night Shelter). The Chatham – Savannah Homeless Authority reports serving 5,530 homeless individuals in 2008. Of these 1,548 were women; 774 were children.

2. The Old Savannah City Mission’s (OSCM) Emergency Shelter (located at 1116 Mills B.
Lane) will be exclusively for homeless women and children. NO SERVICES for males
above age 12. The shelter will provide child care and appropriate play areas.

3. The shelter will be a closed campus with zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol, tobacco,
violence or threat of violence. Professional security will be contracted. Additionally, the
campus and shelter will be protected with a security fence and extensive monitoring.

4. Attendance of devotional services will be required and exclusive to residents.
5. Length of stay will be determined by OSCM’s case management.

6. The shelter will host a select group of providers who have a good reputation of effective service to this demographic. The shelter will be a “warehouse of services.”

7. The Old Savannah City Mission is privately funded. No public or United Way funding.

Mission projects opening in 2012. The rendering is provided by WMA Architects, pro bono designer of the shelter.


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