Cash-N-Carry, Savannah, GA, Kenny Grainger

Local Auto Salvage Yard Raises Money for Red Cross’s Haiti Relief


Cash-N-Carry, used car parts, Savannah, Georgia

Cash-n-Carry is a self-service salvage yard that has been serving Savannah and the Low Country since 1985. The family-owned business sells premium auto parts at low prices. The environmentally friendly and clean business recycles every part of every vehicle they receive by allowing customers to bring their toolbox and pull parts from over 1,500 cars, trucks, and SUV’s on the lot. Once a vehicle is stripped the remnants are then crushed and recycled.

Cash-n-Carry, located at 500 Staley Avenue in Savannah, is open 7 days a week for their customer’s convenience.

To learn more about Cash-n-Carry go to or call 912-352-0725.


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