I’m delighted that K.W. Oxnard has discovered the potential of solar
energy. I wish there were more that shared her insight. Georgia has fallen behind many other states in promoting solar energy. However, we, in the Savannah area, can leapfrog into the solar-hydrogen-fuel cell future by developing a Renewable Energy Enterprise Zone.

Located on a section of the Megasite, or similar underutilized industrial land, it would seek to bring together manufacturers of solar photovoltaic (electric) panels, solar hot water collectors, solar cells, fuel cells, and solid-state cartridges to store hydrogen for use in vehicle and residential fuel cells.

The Zone would also house a hydrogen production facility, and a metal fabricator to build frames and rails for solar panels, canopies for walkways and parking lots, and ground-mount supports.

Part of the complex would include manufacturers and/or distributors of specialty glass, inverters, state-of-the-art batteries, ultracapcitors,
and smart grid components.

Additionally, there would be office space for support and creative
services; an incubator for start-up companies in related technologies, and centralized training and dining facilities to facilitate informal
interaction. Financial incentives could include a combination of federal, state and local tax credits, rebates, grants, low interest loans and accelerated depreciation.

Design it, promote it, and they will come.

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